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What We Provide

Traveling Petting Zoo and Ponies Too

petting zoo animals for hire in New Jersey

Our traveling (mobile) petting zoo comes in two major sizes for backyard parties and larger events. Ponies can be hired with your zoo either hand walked for the smaller parties or on a carousel for larger events  happytalespets.com/pettingfarms

Cinderella Carriage with White Horse(s)

Cinderella Carriage with a Princess passenger pulling up to  a home for a Princess Party

Our Cinderella Carriage are in big demand in New Jersey for wedding, quinceaneras,  proms, princess parties and much more. happytalespets.com/carriagerentals

Traditional Vis a Vis Carriages with 1 or 2 white horses

Our traditional open vis a vis carriage

Our Traditional Vis a Vis carriages come in all white, white with burgundy seats and black with light gray seats and limo size too and are pulled by 1 white horse or sometimes 2 white horses.   happytalespets.com/carriagerentals

Horse Drawn Wagons

Horse drawn wagons come in many sizes

We have many different sizes of horse drawn wagons for small events to large town events available   happytalespets.com/carriagerentals.com

Horse Drawn Funeral Hearses


We provide horse drawn Funeral Carriages and Hearses in New Jersey, Metro NY and Long Island   happytalespets.com/njhorsedrawnhearse

South Asian Wedding Horses and Carriages


We provide decorated white horses and carriages for Baraats and Vidais  mostly in New Jersey  happytalespets.com/indianweddinghorse